Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mother Nature.

She proved that theory wrong, you know the one.

"Lightning doesn't strike twice".

every time she showed up, a crack of thunder always followed.

The Walk Tonight.

Stiletto heels crashed against that pavement, loud as thunder. Her hips swayed back and fourth as she walked, crashing cars and stealing each boy's breath. Her long brown hair bounced up and down as she strutted across the avenue. She stopped at the corner, her lips as red as the traffic light. Took a breath, hiked up her pencil skirt, winked at each guy that laid eye's on her. She couldn't remember the last time she felt alive, she felt like she was sleepwalking. Instead of dreaming at night,she walked.

April 18, 2009

White Hot.

Her blue eyes were like little tiny oceans. Her silky blond hair rested on her shoulders, and swayed back in forth with the wind. Bright red lipstick hugged her lips and blue jeans hugged her hips. Her skin was soft to the touch, and made most other ladies jealous. She was the color in room, the reason why I couldn't keep my jacket on. God damn did this girl make the temperature rise.

February 15, 2009

The Mystery!

The Mystery!
By Dave Scheidt

The place was pretty crowded, enough of that I could remember. It was a younger crowd then usual, everyone seemed to be dressed well enough for a nicer setting, but alas they were all in the same shit-hole I was in. I took a breath, swallowed the lump in my throat and shot my drink down the hatch. Music blared, bounced off the muraled walls and filled the room. I couldn't recall what song it was, but it was heavy and fast enough for most people there to enjoy it.

I kind of made it a habit lately, to frequent places where people didn't know who I was. Sure occasionally I'd bump into a familiar face, but I tend to ignore situations like that. By no means is it a me being a creep or anything, I just prefer to have an element of uncertainty. I think once you get to know someone, once you 'figure them out', the mystique fades and that's half the fun.

So there I sat, leaning against the wall as the loud bass shook and vibrated the building. I sat there fiddling around with my phone and sipping my drink as the song on the jukebox changed. I've heard the song before but I couldn't place it. I glanced around the room and there were more people piling in. There seemed to be a pretty good mixture of people in the joint, and the guy girl ratio was in my favor.

I can't really say any one particular girl seemed to catch my eye immediately, but I really wasn't in the soul seeking mood that night. More songs played and more people crammed in the place. I decided that standing in the corner wasn't particularly the best spot in here so I decided to stretch my legs and walk around a bit. I got about two feet from where I was standing and realized there was no real walking room, so I said fuck it and walked out to get some air.

It still was pretty cold that night, and I definitely regretted not dressing warmer. The air smelled like snow and cigarette smoke. So there I stood, just lurking around, while everyone smoked and made out. I glanced to my left and a group of girls stood smoking and laughing at some odd inside joke. I looked over probably with a weird look on my face and locked eyes with one of the girls.

She was small and cute but her spirit made up for her little frame ten fold. I smirked as one of her friends made a very loud and obnoxious noise and shook my head back and fourth. I really had no idea what they were talking about, and that didn't matter because I wasn't listening, I was transfixed on the gal who kept glancing over at me. Was she looking at me because I was looking at her? I know sometimes I can come off as a creep,but surely this wasn't the case?

I let out a brief chuckle of awkwardness, waved over to her and then put my hands in my pockets. She looked nervous as well, but said something to her friends then walked over to me, as her friends looked at me and seemed to poke fun of her. Maybe they were poking fun of me? I didn't know and didn't care, because the girl I couldn't keep my eyes off of was walking right towards me dead center.

She was heading right towards me, and in a situation like this there is never any time to prepare what to say or fix your hair or anything like that. you had to wing it or run the risk of looking like a complete idiot, which I have a pretty good track record of.

I was nervous and my introduction was obviously awkward, since I was convinced she'd bring up the fact that I'd been staring at her the past 5 minutes but alas she spoke. Her voice didn't sound like I expected it too, it was a lot softer, her voice was calming, like a singer.

We joked around about the eclectic group of people, the smelly guy next to us and the outrageously priced liquor. 5 minutes turned into 30 minutes and there it was, last call. I told her how it was nice meeting her, and she asked if she thought we'd ever bump into each other again. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. I looked her in the eyes and said goodbye. I left her standing with a smile and the gift I missed ever so much, the mystery!

February 28, 2009

Missing The War.

The train platform was cold and snow covered with the design of a thousand fancy footprints. I sat down on that cold cement bench, and my warm breath danced out between my lips like a tea kettle. The air was brisk and windy. Men walked by in long coats and ladies strutted along with long legs and spiked heels.

I bit my bottom lip and sat up from the bench. I looked off in the distance and saw the familiar lights of the inbound train. The headlights looked like tiny little suns and the train always seemed to have a sarcastic smile to the front of it. I stood about a good two feet from the line and the train whizzed into the terminal, loud and windy as ever. Everyone crowded together, businessmen, school children, working class stiffs, and as the doors open they all squeezed into the train car.

Trailing at the back of the crowd, I finally managed to squeeze in. the train was packed, and I scoped the car for an available seat. There, towards the back of the car was a spot, “Good as any”, I said to myself. Grabbed my bag, unzipped the top of my coat and had a seat. In front of me sat a scrawny older man, with a great big mustache. His glasses were too big for his head, and he was dressed almost too warmly for winter.

His face was covered with wrinkles and his head with liver spots. His expressions as he observed others on the train seemed very sour and grumpy. Next to him sat a dark haired woman, probably about 30ish. On her way to work, obviously, because she was dressed much too classy for anything else. Her light blue eyes popped in the sunlight and she sat there,black nylons hugged her legs.

“' 'Scuse me, everyone. I'm a war veteran and ima askin if any ya'll have any spare change you can help me out wif..” The deep loud voice of a homeless man aged around 50ish. He had a scruffy gray beard and long matted hair. He walked back and fourth down the train car with a cup with change already in it and proceeded to shake it. The jingling sound of change filled the car and annoyed most. People either ignored him, gave him a dirty look or nodded there head as to signify they don't have any. They did. The homeless man looked around and made eye contact with the the old man sitting behind me.

“Pardon me sir, I was wondering if ya'll could help me out.. I'ma war veteran..” before he could finish the old man interrupted the homeless man almost right away. “Look pal, I'm a veteran as well.. I don't go braggin' about it. “Sir, I am just lookin to get myself something to eat, I haven't eaten in 2 days... It's very cold and I'm just... “Look guy, I told ya, I don't got anything for ya.” the old man interjected. He was obviously quite agitated. He pushed his larges glasses further up onto his face, as they dropped down.
“I did not mean any disrespect sir, I am... just trying to get back on my feet..” the homeless man's voice tone seem much more somber and quiet.

Only a few people in the train car seemed to notice the conversation, including me and the lady across from my seat Our eyes connected and I gave her a shoulder shrug. We both had no idea where this conversation was going. The old man was still giving the homeless man a very stern glance. I'm talking daggers, he was just boring a hole through the back of this guy's head. All of a sudden, the old man seemed to loosen his glance The homeless man was clearly upset and just generally broken.

“Nam?” The old man asked. The homeless man's expression changed almost instantly, the look on his face changed to a very sad, helpless expression.

“I bet it's been years since you've made that face.” the old man jabbed. “We lost a lot of good men in there, I mean for what?” The bearded confused homeless man started nodding his head back and fourth, he bit his lip and he was clearly in distress. “We lost more then men in that war sir..” the homeless man said very low. “Huh? Whatda mean?” the old man asked. “Mother's lost sons, father's sons, girlfriend boyfriends....” The hobo continued, almost like he's been holding all of this in for longer then he should have.

I continued to glance over as the conversation got more serious and almost like seeing two old friends catch up. They clearly didn't know each other, but the way they exchanged glances , that look in their eyes. They've seen things I could only imagine.

The homeless man proceeded to go on about what he lost, and how he's been looking for it ever since he left. The homeless man then made eye contact with me, as I was clearly listening in. “I couldn't been any older then this guy when I got back, but I wasn't like him..” he continued to look at me. “Excuse me?” I asked him, I had no idea if he was about to insult me, or excuse me of being ungrateful. “
“The way you sit there in your seat, the way you look out the window.., You haven't given up on the world yet.”I was unsure of what to say, I was just wondering to myself if this was going to escalate.

The older man with glasses sighed then turn his head from the homeless man to me. Looked me straight in the eyes and stated to speak. “I think what my pal here is trying to say is that he realizes that you're still fighting for something. All those years ago, we fought for freedom, fought to free the world of terror. We fought, a lot of good men died but that war is over.” The train rolled to a stop, and the homeless man pulled a hood over his head and walked out the doors, glanced over to me and the old man and nodded.

I eventually got off the train and carried on with my day. It's been years since that train ride, and I think I've finally made sense of what actually had happened. That sad, broken homeless man, he never finished that war, he was still in it. He had seen and experienced terrible and unmistakable things. He found solace in another 'War Buddy', he hadn't connected to someone since the war. For some reason, he saw something inside of me. He seen the way I carried myself and probably saw what he wished he had. A Chance.

Killing a man, seeing others die right in front of you, makes you old really damn quick. I realized that I may never actually fight in any sort of war, but the past is the past. It'll haunt you, tear you apart, consume you. You just gotta keep your head up and look toward the next day. Victory can arrive in all types of forms, you just have to keep fighting the good fight.

January 18, 2009

She Just Waits.

She's frozen solid. The city, she's cold and silent. Her heart still beats, it's just a lot harder to hear over the sound of snow blowers and plow trucks. Her concrete and steel skin have layers of ice upon her, squeezing her, embracing her, hugging her. Eventually, Spring will show up, and thaw her back to life. She's knows everything with be just fine, she just waits.

December 10, 2008

The Long Ride Home

He reached into his blue jeans and his pockets seemed much deeper then usual. The air tasted like menthol and his car ran extra toasty. The streetlights blurred together as he drove down the road. He shook his head a little bit, shook it off. He was bored, he was numb, he was hungry. He slept more but always woke up tired. A stop sign crept up on him at 105th, he boot kicked the brake pedal in its face. His fingers ran down the side of the steering wheel and he stared off into the distance. He hit the gas and drove and drove and drove some more. Glanced over to the passenger side and it hit him like a ton of bricks. The look on his face, wasn't much about what he saw, more so what he didn't see, Her.

Anytime he felt something he couldn't explain, he'd grab his keys and drive. Something about the open road and the air blowing in his face he would tell you. The smell of gasoline and the blaring radio was a temporary sort of calm. He would drive around until that right song came onto the radio. You know the song, the one that your convinced was written for you, the one you would take a detour just to here the whole thing. Sometimes it would come on seconds after you put the keys in, and sometimes it would come on right before you turn off your headlights and park. That's the thrill of it. Life suddenly makes sense once you hear that right song at the right time. He once told me “I may not be the first one with a broken heart, but I sure as shit won't be the last..”.

He had been driving around for about an hour or so. Waiting for it. He drove around till his car was eating fumes. He took the long way home and about half way though his car ride his song indeed came onto the radio. The hair on his arms stood up and the thumping sound in his chest drowned out the song on the radio. For the first time in 8 months, he suddenly didn't feel so alone. “For every broken heart, for every long car ride home, there's a song for you. you'll hear it when you really need to hear it.”

October 04, 2008

The Pick Up Line.

She cracked a smile, that cracked me in half. Her pearly whites glimmered and her crimson lipstick hugged every little crevice of her thick lips. I shook it off and wiped the tiny beads of sweat from my forehead. "Discretely"lifted my arm slightly and let out a quick sniff. Arm pits didn't smell. It was fucking go time. Standing there about five feet and if I counted each tile correctly 17 inches away from where I stood. Oh God, I'm sweating a's hot though. "Chicks don't dig sweaty dudes..wait they dig hot sweaty buff dudes..yeah they.." What started off as an inner thought turned into me talking loud enough for her to pick up on the fact that I was totally talking to myself. Her beautifully shaped left eye brow raised up higher then the other one. She bit her bottom lip. She let out the cutest little giggle. It would have been a hell of a lot cuter if she were laughing with me, not at me.

"SHIT!" I thought to myself. Wait no, I just said more stuff out loud. I cut my losses and walked toward her. She looked around and played it off like she didn't see me approaching. Each step felt like quicksand. There she was, standing there wearing the worlds most beautiful... purple... tank top shirt... thing. "Man she has nice boobs.".. there it is again, talking instead of thinking. Her face lit up, and she backed up a little bit. "I Mean...Uhh. Hey! What Up??" She smiled. I Smiled, She punched me square on the jaw.

August 05, 2008

Alley Rally

"Anyone wanna point me in the direction of the nearest police station?" I said to the group of sharply dressed slimy goons. The 6'2 greasy faced goon answered my question with a nice kiss to the cheek with a set of brass knuckles, shattering my jaw in 3 places and launching 2 out of 4 remaining good teeth still left in my mouth. My body smacked the pavement with a loud THUD! and the back of my head broke my quick fall. My ears rang and my head felt like a mushy piece of fruit. "Well...Ugh EH I guess I'll just have to.." I stumbled to get back onto my feet, and of course the remaining random hoods found that slightly funny? "You gotta real smart mouth, kid. How's about I help you out with the rest of those teeth ya got there?"

I let out a spontaneous, slightly mad chuckle. I glanced over to the right of me and saw 2 of my pearly whites soaking in a nice crimson puddle. I scooted myself back, my head pounding, my back eventually felt the cold, scratchy red brick. The gang moved in closer, one heard cracking his knuckles, the other giving me the crazy eyes. The only thing these guy's were missing, guy with a toothpick in his mouth and the background music of some old jazz tune. These guy's were about to give me the business, and my body picked up on that forcing itself into overdrive. My head pounded harder and harder and suddenly the blood rushed back into my arms and legs and I pounced myself back onto my two feet.

"You jamokes may get off beatin' on a guy half your size, but I'll tell you this much. You really should consider your surroundings next time you corner a fella."

I kicked the back wall behind me and a brick fell a little above my head,I grabbed it, squeezed it a little to get a grip, then smacked it right against the guy closest to me cranium. Yeah I know what you're thinking and yes, he let out a huge grunt. blood squirted out of his forehead like the Buckingham fountain. Freaked everyone the hell out, enough time for me to get the drop on the rest of 'em. I dodged a jab from another one of em, grabbed his waist and took em straight to the ground. Winded one back and let em have it, right on the nose. Crunch.

There I was, looking at 2 professionals laying there in there own blood and tears. The remaining men looked shaken up, and they gave me the hungry eyes. They wanted my blood. The flailing pony tailed goon on the ground murmured out curses and groans, I made eye contact with a shiny little diamond. A colt action army revolver tucked into his pants. I dove to the ground, grabbed it out of his waistband and launched 2 sets of 3 shots to the remaining goons, flicking them both in the head, causing their melons to well, burst.

I checked my watch, cut my infinite amount of loses at the moment and got the fuck out of dodge.

June 28, 2008

"Turn off the moon, pull the stars from the sky"

The raindrops slammed against the roof and bounced up a few inches. the wind carried the smell of damp wood across the whole block,as I walked along the sidewalk. Each streetlight seemed to get closer and closer. Each stop sign and each brick layed home sat there in there place, watching as I strode along the dimly lit city street. I swayed my legs back and forth, one in front of the other, my own little march. My shoulders were arched backed, relaxed and slightly confident while my head aimed down, staring at each crack in the sidewalk.

I walked back and forth, to the corner and back, Looked up, looked down. Turned around and still nothing. The street was a ghost town. A row of recent cars filled the fronts of house, and garden hoses and toys and bicycles were tossed randomly on front lawns. The air was frigid and brisk. The feeling you get when you inhale after you eat a strong breath mint. I slipped my hands into both pockets and stopped walking for a second. I took a minute to look up and take a quick glance at the stars. the sky , it looked like a thousand diamonds sprinkled along a blanket. As much as I tried to fight the thought, almost right away i thought about the odds that at the particular moment we were looking at the same sky.

May 21, 2008


Looking at this girl was like staring at the sun. She shined bright and beautiful yet too far to reach and would most likely burn to the touch. Her form lights up every room she floats into. She carries the weight of the world on her shoulder like she carries her purse.

May 13, 2008

First Kiss, Last Kiss.

I can't remember what our last kiss felt like, because that's how it goes. You never know how your last kiss is going to play out. Well after the fact you do, but when it happens its not like the movies. There's no fade out and your never get to see the credits roll. A last kiss is the polar opposite of your first kiss. The first kiss is always magical, I don't care how nervous, sweaty or horribly executed it may be. It's magic. The last kiss on the other hand,you wish you could make the kiss last longer, wish you could press your lips against that person as air-tight as possible. It's sad and horrible and terrible but those 2 kisses are going to be the start and end of a chapter. Ending a story with a kiss shouldn't be sad. It's beautiful.

May 08, 2008


Too many of these words were for you
It's time I started investing into my own word bank.
Each verb and each adjective
a little piece of my brain
a little piece of my heart
a little something that'll keep me sane
a little something that is just for me

No longer does this pen ghost write your name
into words that are just my feelings
snuck between a few clever lines of prose

I'll take this pen and write myself out of this awful story we inked ourselves into.

April 28, 2008

Love Walked In.

Loved walked in. It wasn't sneaky or the least bit apprehensive. It went through those doors like everyone else does on their day by day routine. It came in calmly and at a steady swift pace. My eyes were buried in a comic book, at the time my only thoughts involved a certain radioactive spider bite victim and his struggle with his life. As I turn another page an odd, lukeworm chill breezed through the bottom of my spine and ending at the back of my neck. I gave a quick shrug as to shake it off. Nothing. Then my fingers went all tingly and numb. Then as I sit there and twitched and decided to sit up. I pushed the tacky yellow chair I was sitting on back and went to sit up. Raised my head and there it was at 12 o clock. Dead center I made eye contact with a god damn angel. Her dark brunette hair was inky black and her face made me forget how to speak.

April 16, 2008

Rehearsed Lines?

I gently caressed her face with a slight gentle ease, as to avoid having it crumble to pieces in my hands. The air danced around our forms like a thick cigar smoke. It swayed back and forth until the sky swallowed it in one swift gulp. Her cheeks were rosy red and had a nice taste of salt to it. The minutes dragged on as she slowly gave me a quick look, raised her left eyebrow and puckered her lips and sent me a nice kiss. That kiss felt like it pushed me back a few feet. My hands still casually trembling from touching her face, she turned her head and began to walk away. "You’d think after all this time, the town would feel like home…" she continued her path down the brick paved road, the sound of each heel clicking against the pavement sounded like a stopwatch. "….but I feel like I only know where I’m at when you’re around." Quicker then I could finish the sentence she was gone. I rehearsed that line a thousand times over, and the only one who heard it was a couple of alley cats and the city of Chicago.

April 02, 2008

Past and Present.

The smoke danced out of barrel of the business end of my .45 like one of those Hawaiian dames. Just like what lightning strikes, then came the thunderous crash of my six shot hand cannon. What kind of day was I having? Seemed like it was gonna be the same as all of ’em, and a couple minutes after midnight I was standing there, ankle deep in a kiddie pool of blood. Believe you me, I’m just as intrigued as you are. Who was laying there, face down with a noggin full ’ah lead?

The poor bastard was a guy I grew up with then as fate would have it, witness his last moments on god’s green. He wasn’t so bad of ’ah guy. He’d offer to cover to the tip anytime we grabbed a burger, he’d always wipe his feet before he walked into someone’s place and he’d never forget to floss.

He was raised like all of us, medium sized roman catholic family. They’d have meatloaf every Tuesday and go to church every time someone died or got married. His old man worked a union gig on the docks, and was home when we woke up and went to sleep. He spent too much time at the bar. His mother was beautiful but, sad. She smiled but wasn’t a happy smile. You know that expression you make when someone tells you a bad joke and you don’t want to be rude? Typical family, daddy drinks and mommy cries. My buddy carried it on his back till the day I seen ’em drop. Over the years we grew older and for the most part grew up, but this guy, he just couldn’t let the past behind ’em. The load on his shoulders was so heavy it stumped his growth. He never liked when I used ta say that to em.

Quicker then we wanted it, we became teenagers. I got a paper route and he started smoking’. I’ll just spell it out, we went our separate ways. I didn’t like it, but the high road was the one I had to walk, and this guy took the road Robert Frost was talking about, the road less traveled. He got into drugs, I got into college. When I left town, I didn’t care what I left behind, I never knew it would come back 20 years later and bite me in the ass. I left him behind and now he’s laying in front of me in a pool of blood, full of bullets that came from a gun that still warm to the touch. The gun that felt like it was gonna break on account of how hard I just squeezed the trigger.

March 13, 2008

Out To Eat.

I swear to fucking god that thing winked at me. The look in its eyes seems playfully dangerous. The kind of look you'd shoot across the room to some good lookin' broad way outta your league. Maybe it was a challenge? A sick joke? All I'm sure of is that thing read me like a book. The look on my face is the look usually quickly followed by something wet and down the back of the legs. I ran, ran like the devil himself was chasing me. I've seen enough shitty horror movies in my lifetime to know that, people who look back when they're getting chased usually won't make it past the credits.

The noise this thing made shook every window and puddle you could see. To tell you the truth i was fucking terrified, can't you tell? One minute I am minding my own business, the next I am in the middle of a god damn. Corman flick. Who you ask? Roger Corman, the master of cheese. The man that made rubber suits infamous. The man's films would most always include some sort of poorly made dinosaur or monster villain. Too fuckin' bad this time it aint a guy in a suit! What could I do? I did what anyone with a single brain cell would do, run. Evidently though I learned the harsh reality that Nike's do not indeed make you fun faster. CHOMP! Splat. Roar. Mmmm.

November 28, 2006

Memoirs Of A Forgotten Summer

..What The Hell?.. he asked, his expression painted in fear. The side of his face was brushed with a cool evening breeze, his arms locked securely to his sides, he stood his ground as cautiously as he could. He was alone, that of course made the moonlit water look that much more creepy and almost made it look like a bad-horror movie. You'd be convinced their was a giant sea-shell stuck to your ear if you heard the sounds in the air. With much hesitation and about 99% uncertainty he took a trip on the heel-and-toe express straight to the closest building his clear-blues spotted. His mind raced a tad bit, almost as fast as his feet bounced against the rotted wood on the shoreline. ..Did I really see that? Jesus!, What the hell is going on?...

Despite his situation and his overall sense of panic he found it a bit strange that he was talking to himself. It made him think about an old drifter that used to come around the shopping center he had worked at, who had a yellowish face, sunken cheeks and an penchant for asking where the nearest spaceship was. The mere thought of the old man made him chuckle, a few seconds of laughter sure helped, but lone behold after that little spontaneous burst of humor, the scary stuff managed to trickle back in quicker then he wanted. There he was, running straight into the open doors of Hot-Dogs, Etc. This trip sadly wasn't about getting a quick meal, it was a mere attempt at the complete opposite, it was to prevent something from getting a quick meal, him.

He quickly scanned the shack of what he could use, and in a almost instinctive manner, he ran to the closest picnic table and swiftly pushed off all the hot dogs and Pepsi can's he could and flipped the table on it's side. The place was a mess, food and garbage everywhere, tables, chairs and just about everything else was knocked down or broken. It didn't take an idiot to figure out that this place was cleared out quick, evidently with not enough time to scarf down the rest of a grease trap-cheeseburger and fries. He grabbed the legs of the chair and with a little elbow grease and a shift of his weight he managed to broke off all 4 legs of the wooden table, providing him with something to block the doorway and 4 blunt objects that with enough force, could crack open a coconut.

November 20, 2006

The Dutch Act.

2 years it's been, longer then I wish I remembered you can say. The minutes became days quicker then I had time to process. She walked away, the clank of her high heels on the hard pavement were her only goodbye. The mercury dropped, hitting just my shoulder. I stopped eating a piece of pie after dinner,stopped straightening my tie before work, stopped looking both ways when I crossed the street. I'm starting to convince myself that the dutch act ain't so bad for guys like me.

April 19, 2006

Sea Sick.

Any minute now, I expect a strong stream of water to come blasting through my ears in one ear out the other. My stomach is nothing short of a sea-worthy display, were it tied by a man of the sea its excellence would most likely be awarded with silver or bronze. Each fleshy tube bound and pulled taut that it would take nothing less then a swift blade to cut apart and free, as it would take an eternity to untie. For a sailor has no time to deal with the above mentioned, fore he must keep his ship afloat. Even the slightest trickle of sea water can bring a whole vessel straight down to Davey Jones's locker. A soundless, watery demise, slowly descending into the dark waters of the unknown..

February 18, 2006

Dead Center.

The weathered oak door creaked and squeaked each time the hinge's were bent, from years of oil-neglect. The door knob had scrapes and scratches and dings and gouges, yet a familiar yellow tinted glow resonated and seem to bounce off every surface able to reflect light. In the middle of this dank, dreary room hung a Victorian era mirror and cabinet, layers of dust filled every crevice and hugged every cranny. The mirror was not unlike most, as it could cast the most beautiful reflections, yet also cast the saddest reflections, painting pictures of lost innocence, wasted youth and unwanted maturity. In the truest sense of speaking, art imitating life.

February 13, 2006

Chomp Chomp!

With a quick 180 degree turn of my head, I shot twenty daggers into her retinas and went straight for her jugular, biting into thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and tasted perfectly aged crimson syrup. The thick, dark fluid slid down my throat like a milkshake on a august afternoon. As I pulled my dripping jaw from her split porcelain neck I felt the shards of platinum and gold stab my gum's and lodge deep inside my cheeks, slivers that hurt so good. I'm not sure what tasted better, her skin or her hubris.

January 11, 2006


I've changed, I've become the pothole in the road everyone drives over. I've counted the days and once I ran out of fingers and toes, moved onto bones and veins. My eyelids rise up like the curtains of a low budget cabaret theater every morning, slow and with no hesitation or pause. I've come to wish that my eyelids became heavy enough so I'd have an excuse to not have to look at what I've become. Self Loathing seems to be something I have come quite accustomed to, the simplest of tasks have become a burden to me. To be quite honest, I am just looking for excuses to stop living so I wouldn't feel as guilty about feeling so god damn miserable. In a purest of sense my fountain cup of youth has become empty and I'm all out of life's syrup. I'm not even sure if I want a refill, So today I wait and wait for myself to become one with the earth, to break down and become what I've patiently waited for my whole life, fertilizer. Its time I've stopped trying to help myself and end this selfishness, I want to help others grow.

January 05, 2006

Fat Man Takes a Walk.

A bead of sweat paraded down the face of a man of a somewhat small and bulbous stature. His skin was a rosy-shade of red and wrinkles ran across most of his face. His chin appeared to connect directly to his neck, with fatty loose skin that dangled above his cheaply made American suit coat. As he stood from his noisy office chair, his knees let him know that they weren't going to be too cooperative with what he planned on doing. His thick, wobbly thighs rubbed together, and chaffed the skin like it had been doing for longer then he could remember, a pain that his body had gotten used to years back. The walk from his tightly packed office to the elevators seemed like miles. theoretically it was mere feet but someone of such a gluttonous physique it was hell, in his distorted sense of mind he would have compared it to the trail of tears.

December 16, 2005


A mahogany table centered directly square in the middle of a small, warm room. The walls were almost as white and the blinding headlights of a semi. The scent of cooked meat danced and paraded in mid-air, traveling from room to room. Decorated on top of the expensive wood table were various appendages and organs, tissues and bodily fluids. CLING CLING , rang the dinner bell, as the family swiftly swooped in on the thanksgiving feast. Their teeth sank into the meat and quickly made contact with bone, and spit it out as quickly as they shoveled it in. Blood was their gravy, and The Nosey neighbor was their birdie. The whimpering cries of a child brought smiles to the gluttons, the sound of desert was a music to their ears.

November 24, 2005

Fall's Arrival.

The leaves painted the front lawn with a tint of brown yellow and green. crisp autumn leaves crunched under their heels.. yet another season change, and yet another increase in gentle hand squeezing, and a few more butterfly's fluttering around in his rib cage. lip-locked and loaded, these two are in love.

October 15, 2005

World War III

His hands ran across the side of her fragile face only to met by her clenched lightning fast grip. Grabbed his hand and tossed it aside like a charge. Her body language spoke of things that kept him up at night, her eyes sang a sadder tune. As he leaned in for the kill, his lips made contact with her cheek and an explosion revealed hundreds of burrowed land mines that prevented him from going in for another peck. Her body was now a stronghold and he just became the invader. She set up her defenses long before he arrived, once he did, the battle was over before he could even defend himself.

September 18, 2005

Escort To The Afterlife.

Rocking back in forth, the creaking of wood heard from afar, appeared a man who looked and felt like a pieced together vase, their cracking structures held together with cheap adhesive. A clean, sleek looking desk of oak housed two peculiar items, a six-shot revolver and a black inked-fountain pen.. Could have been hours, even days till he made up his mind, sure enough he had come to an agreement.

The sun peeked into the blinds of a fragile looking brown-haired goddess. Her bones creaked almost as loud as the floorboards as she did her ritual morning stretch. The piping hot cup of joe opened her eyes wide enough for her to notice a piece of paper that rested in front of her front door. She sipped her coffee and read out loud the familiar handwritten document.

To My Earthbound Deity..
Far too long has my heart beat out of time for such a beautiful
yet tragic figure as yourself. The words that once put me to sleep
now keep me awake. Now as I clench this six-chamber passport, I
can do nothing but bid you a fond farewell into this afterlife..Hopefully are next meeting won't be as somber as our first..
Always and Forever...

Walter Phillps Franklin Services. LTD.

Only half awake the brown haired temptress passed the letter off as a mistake and quickly tossed the letter into the trash can, just as the letter slowly dropped into the trash, a sudden thud made her jump, the sound of someone knocking at the door. She vehemently questioned the early morning visitor's identity to no avail. So without hesitation she peeked through the tiny peephole to reveal a man of abnormal stature, so big that she couldn't even get a good look at his face. Dressed in a expensive looking designer suit with the letters W.P.F. carefully stitched into the left pocket. With a quick flash of blinding light her door started to splinter in all different directions, in a manner of seconds the looming figure blasted through the remnants of the door, yet not getting a sliver on his all black suit. His face was kind yet at the same time enigmatic. He smiled and snickered at the woman's terror, and swiftly opened his mouth full of pearly-white teeth and said in a monotone voice, "Did you get my letter?" the woman nodded and the visitor smiled and shook his head in approval. "Oh how rude of me! I forgot to introduce myself! Wally Franklin, Afterlife Specialist. He then reached into his suit jacket pocket and pulled out an all silver hand cannon and shot the girl a quick wink, then six of his friends flew into her tiny figure and came out the other side, trails and trickles of red squirted all over as the man checked his watch and then rang his phone. "Yeah I got her" he said. A grim voice responded "Bring her..I got someone who wanted her to see what she had done to him". "Great." the nicely dressed visitor shouted. "...And to think, another one who we probably wouldn't have seen down here with the rest of us..".

As the towering figure disappeared into the morning sun, a tiny piece of paper fell out of his pocket. It was a receipt, that simply had the words "Forced Escort To Hades, Price:One Soul".

September 09, 2005

Thirst Quencher.

The sun rose up to the dismay of the young boy. shielded by a dark silver blanket, his muscles and tendons stiff as a 2x4. His voice crackled and his bones ached. His pupils dry as the Sahara blinked in a few scattered rays of ultra-violet, which quickly caused him to violently drop to the floor. Pain. It had been ages since he had felt it. .His wiped the surface of his 2 protruding pearly whites with his tongue.

May 21, 2005

"a breach of moral and ethical contract of sorts."

The walls of comfort and support are being broken. Whispers of "I Love you" and "always" are being pummeled into dust, scattered into the concrete sidewalks. Bridges are being burned and survivors are scattered on both sides, their eyes connecting yet their hearts going click once the trigger is pulled. Simple words once again retain unexplainable meaning. We're surrounded by each other yet we're facing this alone.

April 26, 2005

A Day At The Beach.

The sun rose almost as quickly as it disappeared under the tropical sunset. Footprints in the sand were left and as each tide receded, covering the tracks of what was once there. Among the the salty ocean air, a pungent stench of rotting sun-burned flesh loomed. Organs laid on the beach like decorations, blood like lemonade. Corpses lounged on their chairs, their flesh ravaged and stripped from their bones by seagulls. Summer time smiles were replaced by crimson face paint. Crooked looks of macabre and hubris complimented the summer time beach blankets. The only thing that appeared to be alive was the tide.. In the distance. a large tail claimed to had been seen, dancing across the top of the water like "a pebble thrown from a child."

April 23, 2005

Well Punctuated Death.

The darkening black streak of mascara smeared on the side of her tragic face quickly made him realize that his words could be used just as easily as a .45 and a pocket full of slugs. They could have pierced her heart further then any arrow could, a fountain of crimson spray filled her chest as more and more verbs and nouns tore her apart, limb by limb, organ by organ.

March 30, 2005

Rain Dance.

As I stood my ground, quickly holding my position careful not to make a step. Our bodies laid dormant. Frozen in our footsteps I looked up and suddenly rain fell down upon everything in town but our two bodies. Each tiny droplet that fell from heaven quickly changed course and didn't touch us. For a few select seconds we were immortal. I let go of your hand and as I walked away I felt the cold relentless shower of rain soak my clothes, despite the weather, no other smile could have rivaled the one I had that night. The only thing that mattered that moment was us.

March 17, 2005

Hands of Fate.

The thunderous sound of a .44 magnum bounced off every building and arrived at the ears of everyone in the city. The windows shook almost as much as the knee's of the victim a few seconds prior to the pulling of the trigger. In a manner of seconds, a whole life, a whole legacy had ended. A complicated chapter forcefully closed by the decision of a madman.

March 17, 2005

Dating 101

The moment finally had arrived, it was one of those unmentionable feelings. He looked into her eyes, and she returned the gesture. Her eyes scanned his face and cut through his beating heart. It quickly registered into his mind what she wanted him to do. With an almost dramatic pause he leaned his face into her, unlocked his steel-tight lips and pushed his razor sharp teeth into her skull, his fangs sunk into her head like a rotted melon. Her expression of undeniable terror was forever forged into her face, eyes open, lips extended. With a quick clean-up of the splatter, he wiped off pieces of skull and brain matter off his crimson-stained lips, fixed his collar and walked down the cement stairs into his car. He always did love first dates.

March 06, 2005

Slipping Halo.

The streets were lined with an invisible layer of broken hearts and misspent youth. You had to have had one of the two in order to actually realize what all these unaware people walk upon every day. Ignorance was definitely bliss in this town. In fact. it was the number one leading cause of all the plastic smiles in which were painted on the faces of all these jolly fools. Walking down these streets, at times I am convinced that someone will see that glowing ring above and try to snatch it violently. My biggest fear being my lungs collapse, the expected result of someone holding their breath for so long.

March 06, 2005

Trip To The Doctor's

Half awake, the clanking scalpels arranged an unwanted symphony to my ears. The muffled murmurs of the surgeons, chuckles and laughs, My body being dissected like a 5th grade science project and all they could do was laugh. A newly formed map on my skin was complimented by my pulsating veins. That day I was convinced that this stainless steel table would become my final resting place. With a quick glance behind my back, I quickly clenched and tore out the IV's in which were harvesting my very own blood. The almost holy linen was stained with crimson splats. Their laughs were quickly replaced with panicked 3 word spurts. Whatever happened in here, they certainly didn't want it to get out, let alone let me walk out alive. I ran so fast, I was convinced the skin on my feet would disintegrate. Then, without even seeing it, I lost my balance and collapsed. The men in the white coats pounced on me with very little mercy. One of them reached into their pockets, only to reveal a newly filled syringe, as my pale, paper-thin skin was pierced with the metal, the familiar feeling of my blood boiling was once again brought back to me.

March 01, 2005

March 01, 2005

In The Court of An Unlikely King.

They exchanged glances from across the room,Her eyes pierced through his armor like a finely crafted blade. despite the 3 foot distance, it was almost certain that she heard his heart miss a beat. in fact, the closer she got the louder it became. THUMP THUMP THUMP. The silence between them held more gold then any king could imagine.

January 28, 2005

Her Eyes.

The stars which laid upon the sky like an bright blanket of silver seemed to fail short in comparison to that glint in her eyes, the glint that blinds me every time we make contact. Her eyes are the only place I ever really enjoyed being lost in..

January 22, 2005

Weekend Woes.

Scattered across the floor were bottles filled with nothing but convictions long broken. The shards of glass represented mostly, my spirit. As the thick, unforgiving smoke filled my lungs inch by inch, I ignored the predicament i was in, the only really surefire way I knew how. The taste of whiskey and her kiss seemed to be trapped on my lips, A harsh reminder of what we once shared.

January 15, 2005

Just Another Day.

I don't know what dragged by slower, the minutes or those rubber firestones. The sound of the engine was almost like a lullaby, the sound made my eyelids heavier and heavier. I awoke from the trance, the semi truck-horns were my alarm clock. The plunge into the the deep dark sea was my breakfast. Dinner came and went in the form of a last gasp for life. Looks like tomorrow I get to sleep in..

January 10, 2005

Time and Place

The flow of time seemed to affect me so much differently when she was around. Her face was once again etched into my mind as we both met again, a cruel last minute joke that destiny seemed to be playing on both of us. The apple of my eye was rotten to the core.

January 09, 2005

Deep Freeze.

Winter arrived on the doorstep of the city with an uninvited guest, heartbreak. The asphalt-laden streets were covered with a thick blanket of ice. Her present and past thoughts quickly caused a shard of ice to slowly form and descend down her delicate face, the cold provided a numbness to the side of her cheek, causing her to not even realize the ice leaving a mark on her. Though physically she couldn't feel the reaction, she knew what was going on, it was a scene that was quite familiar to her.

December 22, 2004

Town Meeting.

I felt the rays of sun highlight my face, yet I couldn't see them. I guess they figured they'd blindfold me, a kind of last request I figured. Many thoughts raced through my head, most of which being the cliched "what have I done to deserve this" statement. Well, time has run out for that way of thinking, and each second passes by, the roar of the towns people got louder and louder. Their bloodthirsty heckling only made the situation worse. First I heard the crank, then the axe, then complete silence. The screeching of iron bounced off the town square and filled everyone's ears to their enjoyment and my dismay.The last and final, and most welcomed sound was that of something falling into a wicker basket.

December 16, 2004

Last Rites.

the steady percussion arrangement echoed off the dimly light walls of the city. The clanking of her heels onto the pavement had a beat to it that still, to this day is permanently etched onto my heart and to my memory. Slowly but surely this place embraced me with open arms, as each day drags on I slowly feel its clenching claws wrap around my body and smother the only shred of innocence left. The dreary sound of funeral organs played as I looked onto that chiseled piece of granite. A salty droplet fell onto the headstone almost as quick as I got in my car and drove away with nothing but a bitter grin and a pack of squares.

December 07, 2004

Angelic Descent

Slowly but in a constant pace, snowflakes dropped onto the concrete. They drifted down to earth like an angel feather would. One by one, their beautiful, crystalline structures melted into nothing. To see such a beautiful thing come and go so quick reminded me of the last night I seen her..

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Davey Jones's Locker.

my ears were filled with the sound of water crashing through the car windows. Its pretty ironic, the basis of all life slowly became the cause of my untimely demise. I thought I knew how I died that night, after my body was dissected by the coroner,after each rib was cracked and each organ removed, it was suffocation, yet my lungs were not full. It was that other major organ that needed air..

Monday, November 29, 2004

Too Bad...

with a quick smirk and the turning of a blade, I looked down and saw a river of crimson spray,spouting out of my chest. All that was heard amongst the bloody waterfall, were the echoes of a simple, yet beautiful chuckle.

November 15, 2004


The park was covered with a blanket of liquid embrace. The falling raindrops were a baptism. A droplet of rain strategically fell unto my lip. The taste of salt awakened me from a trance. As my eye lids slowly rose open like an unexpected sunset, everything again was grey. The sickly color quickly reassured me why these eyes have been closed for so long. Expectations quickly became that of that oh so familiar routine, yet almost as quickly as I began to close my eyes again a quick glint of crimson quickly barred my eye lids to a point of complete awe. My sight was of complete fixation, onto this heavenly figure.. The last thing I will always remember will be the dimming of those intoxicating red lips, as quick as my eyes blinked, I watched the world retained its color again, grey.

November 14, 2004


Darkness filled the block as quickly as the light disappeared. One minute, My eyes were basking in the light of a summer afternoon, then suddenly I was thrown into a abyss of infinite darkness. My ears and mind are still haunted by the consistent sound of those walking above me. My screams are unheard, easily drowned out by the mind numbing symphony, their instruments played,car horns and clanking bottles. This town is being held together with plastic smiles and turned cheeks. Call it organized chaos, or whatever you may, eventually something is going to give and all the domino's are going to fall, causing every other to fall,a sequence which is never mentioned yet is ultimately feared.

November 28, 2004