Thursday, December 31, 2009


You could be somewhere at sometime and see someone and something happens between two strangers. A connection, eye contact, body language, funny looks, awkward approaches. Tension follows smiles and smiles lead to laughter. Chatter is mixed with wobbly knees and comfortable pauses in conversation.

Then you get a cup of coffee or see a movie. Then maybe you have a nice meal. You order the cheese-burger,no onion, she gets the house salad, french dressing, croutons.

The waitress asks, “Would you like dessert?” She seems reluctant, and you act the same, even though it's your favorite part of the meal. Even though you know your just stalling so this night lasts longer.

“Cheesecake, New York Style.”

You nod your heads in agreements.

You split it, she picks up the silverware and slides a piece of it onto the fork, rests her index and middle on your chin lightly, and smiles. She bats her eyelashes and with each bite you come to the conclusion that nothing could be as sweet, as the girl sitting across from you.

The cheesecake lay there on it's plate, defeated.