Monday, August 17, 2009

The Getaway Plan.

I remember those nights we'd talk about getting out of this place. We'd lay on the front lawn, our bodies poked by the sharp, damp grass. The cars trotted by obnoxious and exhaling breaths of smelly fumes into the summer air. We'd pretend they weren't there.

I'd close my eyes and wish that for just once when I opened them, you'd be looking at me and not the stars.

I guess I was always more hopeful of things back then when I should have been more realistic. You'd tell me about faraway lands, beaches and lighthouses, deserts and jungles.

“Exotic lands? As far as I'm concerned, anywhere past city limits would be an exotic land to us...” the way you smiled at me after you said it made me realize you really meant it. that was our getaway plan.

“What about our families, our friends?” I remember asking you. You had a very calm look on your face and just shrugged your shoulders. That didn't seem like too big of an issue for you.

“I..wish I could go..but I...I have a life here..I love you...I can't...just”

I tried to finish my sentence but we locked glances and I couldn't get the words out once I seen the expression on your face.

Without saying a word, our bodies collided, you grabbed my hips,held me and kissed my forehead, slow and very punctual. You held me for a moment I wish lasted longer and let go.

You turned around and walked to your car without saying a word.

I went home and laid in my bed listening to our favorite records over and over as
I fell asleep staring at the stars, the night you left town without me.