Sunday, April 4, 2010

Train Ride.

I sat there in a daze that was broken the second I thought heard your voice among the click click clatter of Chicago.

It hit me like a splash of water to the face. Was it warm water? Cold water? The suddenness of it didn't matter, it still hit me when I least expected it. That's the wonderful thing about water, it can run calm and serene like a tiny stream. It can crash and splash and swallow ships whole.

It hit me. I was drifting asleep then you woke me. My senses sharp and my heart thumping against my ribs. There I sat by alone on a crowded train car. The view of the streetlights below looked as if the stars got sick of the sky and decided to join us down here.

Right away I looked around and none of the faces matched the voice. People where there but none of those people were you. It was a funny sort of feeling, hearing you and more importantly feeling you there with me, but alas you weren't there and neither was your ghost.