Monday, November 30, 2009


“A girl like that has her feet always on the ground and her heart on the road.” said a deep, low sounding voice. He stood there with an unlit cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth. Dressed in a thick black cotton coat, lint hugging his sleeves and collar. He wore black slacks that have probably never been ironed before. His hair,long and barely brushed peeked out of the side of his hat like a houseplant flipped upside down. “I wouldn't leave the light on for her..I mean. Maybe you should count your blessings and move on?.”

“You wanna know how long I'm gonna wait? I'm gonna hold my breath until my fuckin' cheeks turn blue.” a voice responded, slightly higher pitched, calming but upset. His shoulders broad but always slouched. The man in the black took his hands out of his pants pocket and gave himself a pat down. Checking each pocket until he pulled out a box of Marlboro's Reds and a tarnished, gold plated Zippo. Hit the back of the pack and out slides a single square. He grabbed it with his thumb and index finger and handed it to his friend.

He flicked the top of the lighter with his thumb and out danced a tiny flame. Swaying back and fourth were hues of tangerine orange, ocean blue and lemon yellow. He lit his partners square then pulled his head toward the lighter and lit his cigarette. The smoke filled their lungs and danced out of their lips and nostrils, filling the sky.

“Jesus, man. Third time's a charm, you'll be lucky to make it through the second.” the man in the black coat was worried and seemed tired of having this conversation again. His voice was stern but still caring. “What do you mean by that?” asked the man, inhaling from his cigarette. “These girls. This is the 2nd one, right?, this is your 2nd, “One...” he cleared his throat. “The One..”

“I was never able to tell her..Maybe that's why I'm looking out at a city full of strangers and she's seeing nothing but the highway in front of her.”

He took another drag of his cigarette and a bit of ash danced off the burning, cherry tip and into the air grabbed by a gust of the cold city air.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


We waded through the flock of bodies, packed wall to wall. It was crowded but it was just you and me, me and you. You peered at me with those big emerald eyes of yours,batted both eye lashes causing a gust of gorgeous wind that would have knocked me back a few feet. Good thing you were holding my hand as tight as you were, otherwise I'd have been blown away, swallowed by the Chicago sky.

BACStreet Journal Fall Issue Available Now!

Hey there, just giving everyone a heads up that I have a story published in the Fall issue of the BACStreet Journal, published by the good people at the Beverly Arts Center. it's an anthology book of all types of writing and such, featuring a story, (conveniently located directly below this post!) and many others

Copies are $5 I believe and you can go to the Beverly Arts Center and score yourself a copy or you can get some from me.

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