Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Let Me Tell You.."

Let me tell you about me and my girl. We'd sleep, a lot. Most people would be bothered by that, 'wasting the day away' they'd call it. Most days are the same though, so I guess you could say we probably didn't miss much. Nowadays I sleep by myself, and in between that I do whatever I can to keep my mind occupied. It doesn't take much. I've lived with her a good part of my life, but it's not really much of a connection anymore. It started off great like it always does, then people change and fires burn out. It happens, that's life.

She's never met my family, and I resent her for that. I think she would understand me a lot more if she would see where I came from. She's very needy, and I think that is part of the reason why we fell so hard for each other at first. To tell you the truth I loved the attention, I always need it. I'd do ridiculous things just to get her to notice me, just to make her know I'm there. I'd act like an idiot. I always hated feeling invisible.

Years passed and we grew apart. We became more distant, and sour towards each other as each day ended. To tell you the truth, I blamed her for it. I blamed her for what happened to us.

One night, I was having dinner by myself (a can of tuna) because she decided to go out without telling me anything. Minutes turned into hours, and I began to worry. I stayed up all night, pacing back and forth waiting for her return. Eventually, I checked the clock and after 3am, I heard the door creak open. She came barreling in the doorway, swaying back and forth in a drunken waltz. I hesitated a bit, a calm before the storm then I approached her. At first she didn't notice me, then glanced over and saw me standing there.

“Come here” she said, then made a strange noise. She gestured towards me, and I walked over a bit until we were looking at each other. I didn't say much, and out of nowhere she ran her hands over the top of my head. I shook my head a bit, not wanting her to do that again. It was annoying. She did it again, then I got angry. I got angry and lost my temper and lashed out. I bit her hand and scratched it, and panicked and ran away. We both fell asleep on the floor. Let me tell you, it's not easy being a cat.